Application Settings

From Administration > Application Settings page...

Build number: This is a combination of version number and build date, e.g. "". This identify the build that you're using, when there are updates/patches created after an official release.

License key

  • If you have purchased Commercial Edition and received a license key (in the format of KEY:xxxxxxxxxxxxx;EXPIRE:YYYY-MM-DD), click "Edit", copy the whole license key string and paste it to the License Key field, click "Save". If you see the text "Commercial Edition" next to the license key, that means the key is applied correctly.
  • [2.9.3.SP7] When saving the license key, if the license key doesn't start with "KEY:", the text "KEY:" will be prepended to the license key before saving to the database.

Number of license notes characters displayed: Determines the number of characters to show for license notes on the Software License list. On Software License page, if the license note characters exceed this setting, license notes will be truncated and replaced with a link to expand the field and display the remaining characters, making the page more readable. Enter 0 for showing all texts.