Development Environment Setup - Eclipse

I personally use IntelliJ to develop this project. I'm sure Eclipse should work fine too.

Before you setup Eclipse, you should have downloaded and unzipped Kwok installation package, which has Java, Tomcat, and PostgreSQL.


Download Eclipse

To download Eclipse, go to, choose "Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers". This has the Web Tools Platform component, making the job of deploying files to Tomcat much easier.

Setup Projects

Next, unzip the Eclipse installation package to e.g. C:\Kwok\eclipse. You can now start eclipse by double-clicking the C:\Kwok\eclipse\eclipse.exe file. It will prompt you to choose a workspace, let's specify C:\Kwok\Projects. You can also check "Use this as the default and do not ask again".

Now, Eclipse is up and running, you may see a big welcome tab, just close it.

Go to File menu > Import > General > "Existing Projects into Workspace", assuming the source code is checked out to: C:\Kwok\Projects\kwok-app, browse to that directory. You should see "kwok-app" project checked, click Finish.

Validations and Errors

Turn off JSP validations by going to Eclipse's Window > Preference > Web > JSP Files > Validation, uncheck "Validate JSP framents".

Change HTML validations from Errors to Warnings. Go to Web > HTML Files > Validation > Elements, change Error to Warning.

Click Problems tab to check for problems. Make sure there are no errors.

Setup Server

From Eclipse, go to Window > Show View > Other > Server > Servers, click OK. You should see a new Servers tab, right-click, click New > Server > Apache > Tomcat v6.0 Server, click Next. If it shows "kwok-app" as an available project, click "Add >" to add it to configured projects.

Two things you need to specify here, one is "Tomcat installation directory", browse to C:\Kwok\Server\Tomcat_6.0.14. Second is JRE, click "Installed JREs", click "Add", browse to C:\Kwok\Server\JRE_1.6.0, click "OK". Check the new JRE you specified and click "OK". Click "Finish"

Go to Servers tab, Modules subtab, update Path from "kwok-app" to "kwok". Now, start "Tomcat v6.0 Server at localhost" from Servers tab.

Now, access the application through a web browser by going to http://localhost/kwok.