Email Settings

Kwok Information Server can interact with your email server to send and receive emails, currently for email notifications/creating issue requests from emails.

To configure the application to send email, see "Outgoing Mail Settings" section. To configure the application to receive issue emails, see "Incoming Mail Settings" section.

Outgoing Mail Settings

SMTP server: The email server's hostname or ip address

SMTP port: Enter the port number, e.g. enter 25 for un-authenticated port, 587 for authenticated port

SMTP username: The user who has permission to send email using the email server

From address: The email address that is being used in email message's "from" field

To address: The receipient address that would receive email on issues submitted.

TLS for SSL: (Since version 2.7.0) If your email server is setup to have secure connection, you will need to have this set to "On". On the other hand, some email servers don't support secure connection, you will need to have this set to "Off" in that case.

If you have an email client already setup to point to an email server, you can copy the values from there.

The application would log a message when an email notification is successfully sent out, or when there is problem sending out email.

Incoming Mail Settings

With server, host, username and password specified, this will retrieve email messages in a batch of 10 messages (configurable in "Message batch size") from your POP email server every 5 minutes (configurable in "Retrieval frequency"). Emails retrieved will be deleted from the email server.

One example setup is you can have a distribution list address, e.g, which sends an email to,, and Then, you configure it to pull emails from That way, while other users still receive emails, would serve as a holder for emails to be pulled by the application.

Ignore Senders: In order to not get too many issue emails, there is the Ignore Senders field where you can specify the senders whose emails you don't want to create issue from.

Retrieval frequency (Since 2.9.3.SP4)

  • Number of minutes to wait before retrieving emails from the email server again.

Message batch size (Since 2.9.3.SP4)

  • Number of emails to retrieve each time.

Note: this currently does not support retrieving attachments, and it only display email messages in plain text (not html).

Note: Exchange server may require "Set-PopSettings -LoginType PlainTextLogin" configuration. Restart the POP3 service after making this change.