Hardware Module

Hardware module is for tracking hardware your organization have.

Information being tracked include the total number of hardware you have, and number of hardware by type. You can specify hardware type such as desktop, laptop, server, printer, etc.

Each hardware can also be assigned an owner and a location, allowing you to know where the hardware are, and who's using them.


Add Hardware

To create a hardware record, click "Add Hardware", fill out the add hardware form and click "Submit".

Edit Hardware

To modify hardware detail, click "Edit Hardware", fill out the edit hardware form and click "Save".

Assign Software License

To associate software license to a hardware, click "Assign Software License" link, select software title. If a software title has licenses available, select the license you want to associate with the hardware, and click "Save".

Attach Issues

From Hardware Detail page > Issues tab, click "Add Hardware Issue", enter Issue ID you would like to attach. Click "Search". If no issue found, search again. If issue found, select the issue and click "Save".

Upload File

To create an attachment to a hardware record, go to "File Attachments" tab, click "Attach File".

(Note: If hardware file repository is not configured in Admin Module, "Attach File" link is disabled)