Moving Kwok Information Server to another system

To move the installation from one server to another server, the most important thing is to copy all data (database data and file attachments) to the new server.

To copy database

You can do a backup from the source PostgreSQL database, then restore the backup to the target database.

You can use pgAdmin to do that. To backup, go to pgAdmin's Tools menu > Backup, simply choose default options. To restore, go to Tools > Restore.

Several user submitted instruction:

To copy file attachments

Look at Administration > Application Settings to see where you store attachments. Then, copy all directories to the new server.

Remaining setup

You'll also need to execute this on the target database:


As far as we can tell, the backup and restore only handle database schema, it doesn't carry over database settings.

Timezone is the only setting that requires resetting to GMT. As Kwok Information Server requires datetime to be stored in GMT timezone, then converted to your local timezone according to the timezone setting configured through the application interface, Administration > Application Settings > Timezone.

Then, setup Java, Tomcat, and Tomcat/webapps/kwok. Make sure you update file with correct database name, server, port, user and password. Finally, start Tomcat as usual.