Release Notes

Version 2.9.5

  • [3/9/2019] [2.9.5.SP6]
    • [Installation] Included OpenJDK version 11.0.2.
  • [10/14/2018] [2.9.5.SP5]
    • [Issues] Added issue resolution search option.
  • [9/7/2018] [2.9.5.SP4]
    • [Bugfix] Fixed email notification error when latest Java version is used.
  • [8/31/2018] [2.9.5.SP3]
    • [Admin] Supports import of user contact information.
  • [8/16/2018] [2.9.5.SP2]
    • [Contracts] Displays message on Contract Details page when the contract owner does not have contract permission and will not receive contract notifications.
  • [6/29/2018] [2.9.5.SP1]
    • [Issues] Fixed error loading Report Issue page.
  • [6/18/2018] [2.9.5]
    • [Software] Hardware owner name can now be configured to show on Software Licenses page.
    • [RSS Feeds] Added support for proxy connection.

Version 2.9.4

  • [5/14/2018] [2.9.4.SP2]
    • [Installation] Updated to use Tomcat 9.0.8.
    • [Bugfix] Updated Apache Struts library to resolve this error:
      java.nio.file.InvalidPathException: Illegal char <:> at index 3: jar:file:\C:\...Tomcat\webapps\kwok\WEB-INF\lib\apache-struts2-core-
  • [11/16/2017] [2.9.4.SP1]
    • [Reports] Added support for configurable report file name.
  • [10/18/2017] [2.9.4]
    • [Issues] Added option to send notifications when issues are updated from email.
    • [Admin] Allow setting required field for Company Note Type field.
    • [Admin] "Outgoing Email Settings" > "Domain filtering" option is replaced by "Allowed domains" field.

      When "Allowed domains" is set, only addreses matching "Allowed domains" are allowed to be sent. When "Allowed domains" is empty, all emails are allowed to be sent.

      If your "Domain filtering" setting is "Allow all emails to go out", after the upgrade, "Allowed domains" will be reset to empty.

    • [Installation] Included distributions of Java 8 Update 151 and Tomcat 8.5.23

Version 2.9.3

  • [9/27/2017] [2.9.3.SP7]
    • [Admin] License key validation update.
  • [9/22/2017] [2.9.3.SP6]
    • [Issues] When an issue is retreived from email, also set users in the cc list as subscriers,
  • [9/4/2017] [2.9.3.SP5]
    • [Admin] Made issue email retrieval interval and message batch size configurable.
  • [8/23/2017] [2.9.3.SP4]
    • [Bugfix] Fixed error in sending issue emails.
  • [8/23/2017] [2.9.3.SP3]
    • [Bugfix] Report HTML table format was showing wrong column titles.
  • [8/12/2017] [2.9.3.SP2]
    • [Bugfix] Fixed Administration > User Detail page's user logout link.
  • [7/4/2017] [2.9.3.SP1]
    • Added Hardware Description, Software Description, Contract Description as selectable fields to display on list pages.
  • [6/10/2017] [2.9.3]
    • [Hardware] Added bulk delete of hardware records.
    • [General] Refactored more pages to load content dynamically without the need to load reload the entire page.
    • [Bugfix] Software delete fails when there are licenses not assigned to any hardware.

Version 2.9.2

  • [4/10/2017] [2.9.2.SP11]
    • [Knowledge Base] Fixed file upload error when using "Attach File" link.
  • [3/8/2017] [2.9.2.SP9]
    • [Knowledge Base] Updated to support localization within the HTML editor.
    • [Bugfix] Administration > Look and Feel > Home page contents' HTML editor had an extra "browse server" button which is not supported. Removed the button.
  • [3/6/2017] [2.9.2.SP8]
    • [Knowledge Base] Added attachment upload/browsing from within the HTML editor.
  • [2/20/2017] [2.9.2.SP7]
    • [Admin] Fixed User Hardware tab showing outdated number of assigned hardware records due to a caching issue.
  • [2/20/2017] [2.9.2.SP6]
    • [Issues] Removed the 60 characters limit of issue title on issue list page.
  • [2/16/2017] [2.9.2.SP5]
    • [Schemasetup] Fixed plpgsql creation script that didn't work in some setups.
  • [1/06/2017] [2.9.2.SP4]
    • [Issues] "Number of issues created in last 14 days" chart did not account for daylight saving time.
  • [11/29/2016] [2.9.2.SP3]
    • [General] Remember custom fields' last expanded/collapsed selection.
  • [10/11/2016] [2.9.2.SP2]
    • [Build] Rebuilt with Java 6 (accidentally built using Java 8 in 2.9.2.SP1). No code changes with this update.
  • [9/12/2016] [2.9.2.SP1]
    • [General] Made performance improvements to users caching.
    • [General] UI updates for Chrome.
  • [9/1/2016] [2.9.2]
    • [Service Contracts] Added contract expiration notification.