Schema Creation

What is schemasetup.jar?

schemasetup.jar (mentioned installation instructions) is a tool to create a Kwok Information Server schema (tables, views, stored procedures etc) on PostgreSQL. This simplified the tasks of creating a new database and executing multiple sql statements to create a database schema.

How to run it?

Running that tool is similar to running a .exe program on Windows. You first open a command prompt and change to the directory where schemasetup-<version>.jar is located, e.g. by running something like "cd c:\Kwok\DatabaseSetup".

Then, run "<path to java>/bin/java -jar schemasetup-<version>.jar" as you see in the installation guide. Here is an example:

"c:\Kwok\Server\JRE 1.6.0\bin\java" -jar schemasetup-<version>.jar install database=kwokdb 
username=postgres password=postgres

If you have java installed not at default location, replace the path. If your username or password is not "postgres", replace with your own.

See Application Troubleshooting page if you run into any problems.

Do I need to run multiple upgrades if I'm using an older version?

The schemasetup tool would detect your current version and apply intermediate upgrades as neccessary.

For example, if you're on version 2.7.3 and want to upgrade to the latest version 2.7.6, you only need to run kwok-schemasetup-2.7.6.jar. That would upgrade your current version 2.7.3 to 2.7.4 first, then upgrade to 2.7.5, then 2.7.6.