Software Module

Software module is for tracking software licenses your organization have.

Software module tracks the number of software title, licenses purchased, licenses being used or available. You can also associate a software title to the software maker.


Add Software

To create a software title, click "Add Software", fill out the add software form and click "Submit".

Software maker/vendor drop-down items come from company list in Contacts Module.

Edit Software

To modify software detail, click "Edit Software", fill out the edit software form and click "Save".

Add Software License

To add licenses to a software, click "Add Software License" link, enter license key and entitlement (number of licenses purchased), and click "Save".

Upload File

To create an attachment to a software title, go to "File Attachments" tab, click "Attach File".

(Note: If software file repository is not configured in Admin Module, "Attach File" link is disabled)